World Series 2016: Game 3 draws hordes of Cubs fans to Wrigley Field

ByABC7 Team Coverage via WLS logo
Friday, October 28, 2016
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The Cubs playing in the World Series has a large impact on the Wrigleyville community.

CHICAGO (WLS) -- Hundreds of thousands of fans are expected to flood Wrigleyville for Game 3 of the World Series Friday night, whether they have tickets to the game or not. But getting there may be difficult.

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Massive parking restrictions will take effect at noon Friday. Residents, even those with parking permits, will not be allowed to park on the street all weekend.

Fans who plan to be dropped off by the ballpark before Friday night's game should do so more than three hours before first pitch at 7:08 p.m., before roads around Wrigley are closed. The area between Grace and Newport and Racine and Wilton will be blocked to traffic.

Alderman Tom Tunney, who handed out flyers Thursday, apologized to residents for the hassle.

"If you're in a section of Wrigley Field, north or south of the ballpark, as I say about a four-block circumference, please double check. It's a $350 ticket and tow. That's all we need, are frustrated residents. They're frustrated because parking is already at a premium," Tunney said.

Residents are also asked to carry a photo ID and proof of residence to show police. There will be checkpoints around the ballpark.

Chicago Police Superintendent Eddie Johnson said it best: If you don't have a ticket to the event, you might want to watch the game from another neighborhood.

Security is at an all-time high in Wrigleyville, where police and private security tried to keep things calm Friday morning. A scuffle broke out in a long ticket line outside the ballpark's ticket booth early Friday morning. Thankfully, a security guard was there to keep the peace.

At Sports World, fans eagerly snatched up Cubs merchandise ahead of the first pitch. Owner Steve Shaevitz said he has security in the store to deter shoplifters.

"I'm always careful because of where we are located. There's a game, people are coming out, had a beer or two, so. Gotta keep them under control," Shaevitz said.

The owner of the outdoor Cubs gear spot says he knows how easily crowds can get out of control. If we are in a clinch situation, he said he's planning to close up shop before the game ends.