Yoga can help reduce post-holiday stress, West Loop studio owner says

CHICAGO (WLS) -- Robin Samples owns Bare Feet Power Yoga in Chicago's West Loop.

She came to talk to ABC7 about reducing post-holiday stress.

Bare Feet Power Yoga is a vinyasa yoga studio, Samples said.

"My yoga practice started many years ago. I have been practicing for 12 years and after experiencing the benefits yoga had on me both mentally and physically, I made the choice to learn more and share that information through teaching," she said. "I have been teaching for 10-plus years and have had Bare Feet for the last eight."

The foundation of a yoga practice is breathing.

There are two simple ways to reconnect with breath and decrease feelings of stress and anxiety:

1. Simple Balancing Breath
Hands open, inhale to the count of four

Hands closed, exhale to the count of four

2. Decrease Anxiety Breath
In a comfortable seated position, make inhales twice as long as exhales
Inhale for four, exhale for eight

Bare Feet Power Yoga is holding special classes to ring in the New Year.

The "Sparkle and Flow" New Year's Eve class goes from 2:30 to 3:30 p.m. Tuesday. Meditation is from 4 to 5 p.m. Each class costs $25. Bare Feet Power Yoga is at 1006 W. Monroe St. in Chicago.

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