Saturday Spotlight: Avail Car Sharing

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Monday, November 13, 2023
Saturday Spotlight: Avail Cars Sharing
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Avail car rental has expanded to the 29 easily-accessible Chicago locations.

CHICAGO (WLS) -- Ah, the holidays - a time of rest, relaxation, and reflection...on why you have a different zip code than your in-laws. Behind the faade of #blessed posts on Instagram and your aunt's vegan tofurky lurks a chorus of uncomfortable small talk, courtesy laughs, and ambiguous explanations as to why you haven't produced enough grandkids. It's not at all surprising 3 out of 4 people admit they need to escape family during the holidays*. As anticipation builds for obligatory family gatherings, anxiety of awkward conversations, inappropriate questions, or worse - protracted silences - may be just the reason to escape and invest in some me-time this holiday season.

A recent survey showed that nearly 40% of Chicagoans are car-less and may need extra transportation (and peace of mind) for shopping trips, holiday parties, out of town explorations, or last-minute runs to pick up the forgotten can of cranberries. Another one of the many reasons to keep an Avail car on hand during the holidays is to become that 'invaluable assistant' to family, says comedian Jared Freid. Jared is most notably known for his comedic relationship advice, and he joins Avail to help spread some comedic cheer with excuses you can use to escape those awkward family holiday moments.

Say no more! Chicagoans could use an escape - but escapes can break the bank. Fear not because Avail, a simple and easy-to-use car sharing service, wants to help Chicagoans this holiday season by offering a holiday escape package to use your way.

To celebrate Avail's expansion into 29 easily-accessible Chicago locations, they are awarding 29 locals with an ESCAPE package for you to name your own getaway this holiday season. The package includes a FREE 3-day car rental and a $300 gift card to help you get away, your way. Plus, Avail is also offering a 50% discount to any new users who visit availcarsharing.com/escape and enter the sweepstakes now through December 16th. For eligibility, visit availcarsharing.com/escape for a chance to win. Recipients will be announced and selected before December 25th