Homework survival kit: Tips and tricks for parents, kids going back to school

Chicago Public Schools are back in session, but many students in our area started weeks ago and the homework is already starting.

Author and parenting expert Donna Bozzo joined ABC7 Chicago in the studio to share some ideas about what you can do as parents to help your kids.

With the lazy days of summer gone, it's back to routine for kids and parents. That typically means early morning wake up calls, fall sports carpools, and of course homework, with a lot less time to get it all done.

Bozzo said her homework survival kit can help parents adjust back to the hustle and bustle with stride.

Streamline Dinner

Studies show family dinner is not just important, but good for learning too, according to Bozzo. She said kids function better after a hot, healthy meal. While parents try to get back into the swing of things, she said busy schedules often take time away from meal prep and homemade dinners. Bozzo said her best tip for maximizing family dinner on a tighter schedule is meal kits from companies like Home Chef. The kits take the hassle out of home meals because all the ingredients you need come packed or shipped right to you.

Set Up A Homework Station

She also suggests creating a space for the kids to keep everything they need for school and to do homework study. Incorporating fun pencils and pens is an easy provide a fun and functional area to work effectively. Serving alphabet soup and playing classical music helps boost the brainy vibe. Another fun idea is to set up a homework hotline with walkie talkies where kids can radio you any questions they might have. Bozzo also said to a tablet handy where your student can access YouTube to help with things like math homework.

If you don't have the space to create their own corner office, Bozzo said to use a binder to create a portable homework station.

School Work On The Fly

Keeping with the idea of being portable, Bozzo said to take advantage of carpool time by bringing everything the kids need for studying on the run.

Make Learning Fun

Lastly, look for easy keep the kids learning at home. One idea is to write their spelling words on their lunch bags for a quick review session on the walk to school. Scrabble tiles are also a quick and fun breakfast table spelling word review, or a mobile of math facts to hang above little ones beds can help boost their brain as they drift to sleep.

Don't forget to take advantage of breakfast. Bozzo said hide the answers to the addition, subtraction or multiplication math facts in a balloon and let the kids pop their way for answers.

For more fun ideas on what to do this fall with the family, look for Donna's book "Fidget Busters" and "What The Fun."