Saturday Morning Extra: Pour Moi Climate Smart Skincare - Can the sun make you look younger?

CHICAGO (WLS) -- The sun can make you look younger?

What? It's true. Sunlight is the both the devil and the angel. We know it can cause pre-mature aging and disease to your skin But, what some of us don't know is that sun rays are needed to make our skin appear more youthful and alive. In fact, it was the only game in town, until now.

How? This may sound confusing, but sunlight is needed to manufacture Vitamin D3 on your skin to enable your skin to appear glowing, vibrant and healthy. Vitamin D3 has nothing to do with the vitamin D supplements you may take for inside of your body. It just has the same initial. Unfortunately, the sun has a monopoly on making D3, but overcast skies, spending time indoors and not wanting to spend excessive time in the sun has caused a skin condition we call "sunlight-deprived skin," where, at this time in Chicago, our skin is looking a little lifeless, pasty and tired.

It's a catch 22. We need sunlight to manufacture vitamin D3, but the sun is damaging and we're mostly indoors anyway! Climate-Smart Pour Moi has solved this problem with Weatherproof Sunlight Drops. It's not a sunscreen, not a self-tanner and not a sunblock. It replaces the need for sunlight to manufacture vitamin D3 with a European-proven ingredient that forms a vitamin D3-like boost to your skin. Just one drop in Pour Moi Day Cream or in any moisturizer, or body cream will support sunlight-deprived skin! And you will see tired skin awaken with just one drop without the sun.

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