Chicago Children's Museum holds 'Play for All' events for kids with different abilities

CHICAGO (WLS) -- It's in the name, "Play for All".

The Chicago Children's Museum has a created an event to celebrate the abilities of all children.

"Every second Saturday of each month we offer our Play for All Saturday. We open the museum one hour early at 9 a.m. and invite families of children with disabilities to come in and experience all we have to offer at the museum but during a time where it might be a lot quieter and less crowded so it really can be an enjoyable experience for the families," Chicago Children's Museum's VP Programming & Experience Development, Natalie Bortoli, said."

In addition to all the programs and exhibits the museum already has in place they add special amenities to accommodate families.

"So for instance we have a designated quiet space open during those day and we know that can be helpful," Bortoli said. "Museums can be stimulating and very sensory environments so it is helpful to have a space where families if they need to can take a little time to decompress."

Visitors can also find kiosks stationed throughout the museum that hold things like noise canceling head phones, museum schedulers and storybook guides.

"Several of are exhibits and really all of them are friendly to children of all abilities and we really think through the process when we're developing exhibits and programs to make sure that we're really employing the highest standards of access and inclusion," Bortoli said.

From the art studio where kids can bring their abilities to the table, to the castle where they can act out dreams, or the waterworks for those who just want to make a splash, there is something to include each child.

The next Play for All events are scheduled for Saturday, March 14 and Saturday April 11.

The first 250 visitors to register receive free admission. Groups that register are also free and transportation is provided.

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