Make your own chocolate piñata!

Many people are gearing up for Cinco De Mayo this year with festive celebrations at home. Pastry Chef Gabrielle Draper stopped by to show us how to sweeten up for celebrations with Barry Callebaut's chocolate piñata recipe!

Barry Callebaut Chocolate Pinata Recipe

  1. Melt your dark chocolate to 89-91 degrees Fahrenheit in the microwave

  2. -Be careful not to go above 91.5 degrees Fahrenheit if possible
    -A good tip, when you melt the chocolate and put it on your tongue, it shouldn't be warm or hot
  3. Fill two bowls the same size with chocolate. Let these sit filled with chocolate for 3-5 minutes (less if it is cooler in your house)

  4. After the chocolate has sat, pour the bowl upside down and let excess chocolate fall out (give it a few taps if needed!). There should be a thin layer of chocolate left in your bowl (1/8" to " thick)

  5. Place the two bowls upside down on a parchment covered baking tray and put them in the cooler for 10-20 minutes to allow them to set up.

  6. After the chocolate has set up, it should have started to contract from the sides of the bowls.

  7. Gently pull the chocolate up out of the bowls and they should come out in one piece.

  8. In one half of the hollow bowl, fill it with the candies and treats you would like in your piñata.

  9. With the remaining chocolate, melt it back up to 89-91 degrees Fahrenheit (again being careful not to go above 91.5 degrees Fahrenheit).

  10. Place the chocolate in a piping bag and cut a small hole in the tip. Around the edge of one of the filled bowl, pipe a line of chocolate. Before it sets, gently adhere the other edge of the bowl to the wet chocolate. While the chocolate is setting, feel free to drizzle extra chocolate on the exterior of the piñata and decorate with sprinkles, crispy candies and other fun toppings. If needed, place the piñata in the cooler for another few minutes to get the chocolate to set up.

  11. Grab a hammer or something to smash the piñata with and enjoy!