New canine social club is for the dogs

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Thursday, May 26, 2022
New canine social club is for the dogs
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Dog PPL is a members-only club giving people and their pooches something to bark about.

SANTA MONICA, Calif. -- A members-only, canine social club is providing a new alternative to public dog parks.

"DOG PPL is a private dog park that basically creates a safe space for dogs to enjoy themselves," said co-founder Alexander Esguerra.

Co-founders Liam Underwood and Alexander Esguerra met at a dog park five years ago. And since then, they dreamed of opening their own dog park one day. Fast forward to September 2021, DOG PPL was born.

"It's a safe space for the dogs and the people that love them. The dogs are all vetted in terms of we check their vet records, we make them run through temperament tests, make sure that they're the right fit for the environment," said Underwood.

For $80 per month, dogs can roam around freely and their owners can enjoy free Wi-Fi, coffee, cocktails and events.

"There are really great events and everything. It's just such a great community. I try to come here probably like four to five days a week," said member Brooke Harmon.

With almost 80 people on the waitlist, it's being coined the "SoHo House for dogs." But becoming a member is really based on the dog's temperament.

The founders say they're trying to create the safest space possible for city dogs and plan to expand in the future to Austin, Miami and New York.

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