Gemma Chan talks about role as Captain Marvel's Doctor Minerva

CHICAGO -- "Captain Marvel" blasted off making nearly $21-million at the box office Thursday night, on the way to a blockbuster weekend.

ABC 7 Chicago's Janet Davies talks to actress Gemma Chan about her warrior role in the Marvel Universe as Doctor Minerva, a Kree sniper.

JANET: Tell us the relationship you have with Captain Marvel, with Brie, are you a friend or a foe?

GEMMA: They're on the same team, they're both on Star Force, is a group of elite Kree Warriors, so they are team mates and there is something of a competitiveness between them. A bit if a rivalry. They're both quite strong personalities and they're both good at what they do. So yeah, it evolves, their relationship.

JANET: Did they tell you from the start you were going to have to train for this, you were going to have to do work outs- seems like everybody had to work out no matter what their role.

GEMMA: Yeah I did strength training, kick boxing, boxing, I had to go to sniper school to learn. I did, so I could vaguely look like I knew what I was doing with those weapons.

JANET: What has it been like for you, within a year, to be in two very groundbreaking movies?

GEMMA: It feels amazing, I feel very lucky and very proud to be in both of those films. It's very special when you're in a project that people not only enjoy and is entertaining, but if it can also move the conversation along in some way or start a conversation, that's really special.

"Captain Marvel" is from Disney, the parent company of ABC 7.