Stormy Daniels visits Illinois Capitol to protest pole tax

SPRINGFIELD -- The adult entertainment star who said she had an affair with President Trump made her way to central Illinois Friday.

Stormy Daniels joined a small crowd at the capitol to protest what is known as the "pole tax," reports WCIS.

The tax went into effect back in 2012. It places a surcharge on adult entertainment venue entries.

The money from the tax is intended to help abuse survivors but Daniels' said the law unfairly connects strip clubs to sexual assault.

"There is no evidence, whatsoever, linking strip clubs and strippers with rape. There is however, lots of evidence linking clergy, and especially the Catholic Church to rape," Daniels said.

Senator Toi Hutchinson sponsored the bill in 2012.

After the protest Friday, Hutchinson responded saying quote: "This fee that was passed in 2012, taxes club owners - not the dancers. I am happy to have a conversation with anyone about how we can ensure sexual assault and rape crisis centers receive the vital state funding they need. But having a protest for protest's sake is not the same as having a discussion on what we can do together."