'FABLife' stylists celebrate Halloween with costumes and 'clones'

LOS ANGELES -- For the upcoming Halloween episode of "FabLife," the five hosts are almost unrecognizable for their rockin' holiday special.

"We have a Halloween show, and there's all kinds of stuff happening," said Tyra Banks, the show's executive producer and chief stylist. "We have clones, we have mini-mes. We have a little Leah (Ashley), a little Joe (Zee), a little Lauren, a little Chrissy (Teigen) and a little Ty-Ty. And it freaked us out, right? To see a mini version of yourself."

Seven weeks in, and the hosts of "FABLife" are totally in sync with one another. Tyra Banks isn't at all surprised at how easily they've found their groove and become a solid unit.

"It felt kind of 'one-ish' from the beginning," said Banks.

"I think we're also getting used to being on the stage, with the lights, and this wonderful live audience," said design stylist Lauren Makk. "It's becoming more and more familiar every day."

In addition to the "clones," the Halloween episode will also feature more surprises.

"From that mini-me thing we transition into a costume, that we can't say," added Banks. "Although Chrissy's did leak."

"You might have seen mine," laughed Teigen. "I was Guy Fieri. There's just so much! 'Welcome to flavor town!' I was kicking doors, kicking clipboards out of the producer's hands all day. I was just like fired up!"

"It was a little scary," joked Zee.

But for her own costume, Banks is trying to keep that reveal under wraps until the show airs.

"I got to say, Ms. Banks here, pulled hers off without a hitch," said Makk. "I was scared of it."

"We would turn a corner and be like 'Who is that?'" laughed Zee.

The "FABLife" Halloween episode airs on Friday.
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