Fat busting clothes

Forget those crazy crash diets... it's all about getting slim in seconds with fat busting clothes! Lifestyle expert and Possessionista blog writer, Dana Weiss, stopped by to share items that can supplement a workout and even make you appear 10 lbs. slimmer!

My Zone: Sports Bra Monitor
  • $149.99 for module/ $69.99 for the bra

  • My zone is a bra with 2 snaps and a gadget that you click into your bra so you never forget to put it on

  • Monitors heart rate and puts the info into your phone

  • It's like having a personal trainer

Hourglass Angel: Active Band Corset
  • $54.99

  • Increases thermal activity in your core ramping up your perspiration, makes you sweat in your abs more

  • Dramatically sculpts your waistline, you'll get an instant glimpse of your slim new figure

  • Strengthens your posture and core

Lumo Lift: Fit Bit for posture
  • $79.99

  • For posture and core

  • Buzzes when you slouch

  • Research says staring up straight can make you appear 10 lbs. thinner

Zaggora: Fat-melting shorts
  • $69

  • Slimming hot pants use special slimming ThermoFit heating fabric to increase your calorie burn when you're active

  • Takes away the illusion of cellulite as soon as your done working out

  • Reduces dimpling in the back of your legs