Greek street food in far western suburbs

LISLE, Ill. (WLS) -- Greek street food isn't something you see a lot of in the far western suburbs, but our Hungry Hound said that's been changing, thanks to a new option in Lisle.

They make all of their gyros from scratch, and they offer three different types every day.

Many gyro places say they make everything from scratch, and yet, only a handful do more than prepare their tzatziki sauce. Hand-stacking those vertical cones everyday takes skill and patience and time.

But the Greek team at Apolis isn't messing around. They take the food of their homeland very seriously, and don't believe in shortcuts.

Kebabs are a given at any place claiming to serve Greek street food. And the homemade versions at Apolis, tucked away in the corner of a Lisle strip mall, are certainly respectable. But don't overlook their four vertical spits of handmade gyros either. There's the usual lamb and beef, chicken and pork, even spicy pork.

"Lamb and beef isn't that common in Greece, the most popular meat is chicken and pork. Again, hand-stacked and marinated with Greek spices," said Mike Gkotsis, the owner.

You choose if you want it in a pita, a bowl, a salad or a wrap, or maybe a plate, which comes with rice and a choice of sides, like giant roasted potatoes. You could also opt for something called a kepasti.

"The kepasti the closest way to describe it is a Greek-style quesadilla. It's two, nine-inch pitas, one on the bottom, one on the top; choice of meat, feta, mozzarella cheese, tomato and green peppers," said Gkotsis.

It's mammoth, and after they cook both sides on the griddle, rendering that cheese quite melty, they'll serve the entire thing covered in a mound of fresh-cut French fries. If you wanted them as a side, you could get a shower of feta on top, just know that the wraps already come with some fries embedded into the sandwich.

"They have a choice of plate, wrap, they can do a seven-inch pita, put the meat and whatever toppings they want, or they can do a salad bowl or a rice bowl as well," said Gkotsis.

There's also spicy feta spread - great with pita wedges - a crispy-edged spanakopita, jammed with cooked spinach and a burger that comes topped with even more gyro meat than you could possible finish in one sitting. Their love of fries and feta seemingly knows no bounds.

"Fries on everything and feta on everything, you know that," he said.

In Steve's extra course, he takes a closer look at the restaurant's traditional approach to frappes, the original coffee drink.

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In Steve's extra course, he takes a closer look at Apolis Greek Street Food's traditional approach to frappes, the original coffee drink.

Apolis Greek Street Food
1109 Maple Ave, Lisle
(331) 775-2135
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