Teens on way to Johnsburg HS homecoming rescue children from Fox Lake car crash

FOX LAKE, Ill. (WLS) -- Four teens are being honored by the Fox Lake Police Department for their heroic actions after witnessing a car accident on their way to homecoming.

Police said Piper Damie, Dominik Drwila, Savannah Lorenz and Damin Green were eating in Fox Lake before their homecoming dance at Johnsburg High School when a multi-car crash happened outside last Saturday. The teens decided to run over and help, and assisted in getting several young children out of one of the cars and carrying them to the side of the road to safety.

The teens cared for the children by the side of the road as police and paramedics responded to the crash and helped their mother, until they could be returned to her. As a result, they were late to the homecoming dance.

Johnsburg police, wanting to make sure the teens' good deed didn't go unrecognized, gave them an escort to the high school with lights and sirens, dropping them off outside the entrance.

The Fox Lake and Johnsburg police departments thanked the teens for their "quick thinking and willingness to get involved" and proclaimed them hometown heroes.

The teens said "It felt better" to help the crash victims than be on time for homecoming.
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