Friends remember James Hill, the American gunned down in Ukraine by Russian sniper

Hill was in Ukraine to support his partner, who has multiple sclerosis, family says
DRIGGS, Idaho -- A U.S. citizen killed in the northern Ukrainian city of Chernihiv has been identified as James Hill. He was among dozens of civilians killed by the Russian onslaught Thursday.

Hill's sister said her brother stayed in Ukraine to support his partner, who has multiple sclerosis, KIFI reported.

Now, Hill's friends and family are paying tribute to the very special person they say he was.

"I can confirm that an American citizen was killed. I don't have any more details for you than that," United States Secretary of State Antony Blinken said earlier this week.

A fierce friend, a devoted partner and, above all else, a lover of fly fishing. That's how Karin Moseley wants her lifelong friend to be remembered.

"He helped anybody who crossed his path, that he could to a fault," Moseley said. "Jim was somebody the world needs more of."

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Hill was in the northern city of Chernihiv seeking life-extending treatment for his partner when Russian forces invaded.

"He was heart and soul, body and soul - 100% vested in doing what he could to provide the best kind of care for his significant other. Her name is Irina," Moseley said.

Hill's sister posted on Facebook that he was in a bread line when he was gunned down by Russian snipers.

Hill had been posting updates on Facebook until about March 15. They talked about constant bombings, food shortages, and their room being extremely cold.

Moseley said she just hopes he didn't suffer.

"I'm glad that he went before Irina. I'm glad that he went quickly. I'm glad he was where he wanted to be, doing the most important thing to him. And I'm hoping he didn't suffer. It doesn't sound like he did," Moseley said. "I know that he has -- it's going to come out of the woodworks if you follow his name -- I think there are going to be hundreds, hundreds of people that will remember that they crossed his path."