Gov. Pritzker joins conference of governors, mayors meeting with Biden about infrastructure plan

WASHINGTON (WLS) -- President Joe Biden convened a meeting at the White House this afternoon to talk about his infrastructure plan with a bi-partisan group of governors and mayors from across the country.

"Mayors and governors, more than anyone else knows what it mean to be counting on people and to solve problems, every single day in their communities, and, and there's no democratic roads or republican bridges," President Biden said.

Just one week ago Biden traveled to Crystal Lake, meeting with the Gov. Pritzker and others in his push to drum up support for his Build Back Better plan.

"We have a chance to solve these problems bi-partisan chance to solve it, create millions of jobs, literally," the president said.

Earlier the president was joined by the Senate Democratic Caucus for a luncheon to discuss his plan.
There is already bipartisan support for the traditional infrastructure plan that will rebuild roads and bridges.

The human infrastructure part still has a ways to go. Republicans are balking at the price tag and not all Democrats are on board.

"Mayors and governors, you know how to get this done. And what we have to do this time to stop talking about how, time to get you the resources, but what I want to talk about today, what you need most and what you think will work the best," Biden said.

Afterwards, Pritzker talked about his meeting with the president.

"We're so pleased to be to get together with the president to talk about this infrastructure plan because it's extraordinarily important to us across the nation to rebuild our roads and our bridges, our waterways, our airports and broadband," Gov. Pritzker said.

He pledged to help the president get the infrastructure bill passed.
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