101-year-old Cubs fan celebrates win: 'That was really something!'

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Thursday, October 6, 2016
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Loretta Dolan wasn't about to miss watching the team that has cost her many sleepless nights.

CHICAGO (WLS) -- Cubs fans have been waiting a long time for a strong postseason, but few have been waiting quite as long as Loretta Dolan.

The 101-year-old Cubs fan celebrated a big win for her beloved Cubs at Wrigley Field in Game 3 of the NLDS.

"I've been back to Wrigley Field and the beautiful Cubs won and that was really something!" Loretta said.

Loretta is something of a legend around the Friendly Confines. She's kept score at hundreds of games.

When Loretta turned 90, the Cubs asked her to throw out the first pitch. At 100, her birthday party featured Cubby blue. She says there's only been one downside to being a lifelong Cubs fan.

"Sometimes when they lose at night, I can't even sleep when they lose, so then I get up and make myself a cup of coffee so I can fall back asleep," Loretta said.

At Clark and Addison, she can't get more than a few feet without fans offering a cheer.

"Oh they love her, and she'll kiss everyone," said Geri Sharkey, Loretta's daughter.

Loretta watched Monday night's game from Row 2, right behind the Cubs dugout, in a ballpark where players aren't the only ones living out their dreams.

"Oh my God, I never prayed that I'd be able to do this," Loretta said.

The Cubs last won the World Series six years before Loretta was born. She was 31 when they last made a World Series appearance. At 101, she hopes this year is the year.