Man speaks out after wife of 22 years fatally shot by neighbor on front lawn

SPRING, Texas -- The husband of a Spring woman allegedly shot by a neighbor in her yard took Eyewitness News back to that horrific scene.

In an exclusive interview, Scott Weed relived the moment he heard the gunshot that killed his wife Ana Weed last week, and her last moments as he knelt over her.

Neighbors said they heard Ana Weed and her next door neighbor Hector Campos arguing about her dog. It escalated, and Campos claims he shot her in self defense.

But Weed's family says the animosity goes back months because she had helped Campos's estranged wife escape their marriage.

"She did the right thing. If anyone was in that position and didn't help, that's what I would regret. The only thing I regret is that my wife is not here. I wish I was the one to take that bullet, not her," Weed said at his home in Spring.

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He and his wife met in college and had been married 22 years. She was a mother and grandmother.

Weed is seen on cellphone video kneeling over his dying wife in their front yard as they waited for first responders to arrive.

"She didn't know I was there. She was dying. I couldn't feel a pulse," he said.

Surrounded by cards and flower arrangements from his wife's funeral, he also talked about how he is now concerned for his safety. Campos hasn't spent the night at his house since the shooting, but he is out of jail on a $50,000 bond.

"Until every room is checked, I can't relax," Weed said.

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The Weed family was stunned by the bond amount, which is standard for a murder charge.

"He was out of jail in 12 hours after he shot a woman in cold blood," Brandon Weed, Scott's brother, said.

The family is now pushing for a higher bond. The Harris County District Attorney's Office says prosecutors are reviewing the case. Meantime, Scott is learning to live in his Spring home alone.

"I just wish she was back."
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