Picnics in the Chi offer luxury outdoor experiences in Chicago

CHICAGO -- When the Sanni family realized the coronavirus pandemic was going to keep people mainly indoors for the foreseeable future, they decided to start a business.

Their idea was one that focused on getting people outside and reunited with nature.

"Picnics in the Chi is a company that provides luxurious experiences," Co-Founder Tunji Sanni said. "We really wanted to create an experience for people to be outside."

Sanni started Picnics in the Chi with his brother, Supo and sister, Olayinka.

"We really feel like this hasn't been done, and we want our customers to engage in a feel that they normally wouldn't get if they were doing this on their own," Tunji Sanni said.

Their goal is to provide a luxurious and stylistic outdoor experience to help alleviate the mental strain of COVID-19.

"We wanted to create an environment where you can experience the little things that make you happy," Olayinka Sanni said.

As a former professional athlete, Olayinka Sanni said she knows the importance of standing out on the basketball court. The mentality is no different when running a business.

"People are going through a lot of things right now and we just want them to forget about their worries, trouble or stress and have a good experience. Creating memories is the best thing for us," Olayinka Sanni added.

Picnics in the Chi has hosted birthdays, anniversaries, graduations, gender reveals, as well as regular family outings. Each picnic is custom-made for the event and can provide a variety of add-ons.

"We can cater to you in what you want to do and I think that's the importance of Picnics in the Chi," Supo Sanni said.