Rudy Giuliani expected to 'cooperate fully' with January 6 committee, report says

NEW YORK -- The January 6 committee is expressing optimism that Rudy Giuliani will "cooperate fully" with their subpoena.

The video featured is from a related report.

Giuliani's lawyer is signaling that he plans to take a less confrontational stance to their investigation, the New York Times reported.

Once acting as President Trump's attorney, Guiliani had previously declined to cooperate over issues of executive privilege.

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Now, Guiliani is reportedly expressing a willingness to openly engage with the committee.

By cooperating, Giuliani could avoid a costly legal fight and might also be less likely to face a criminal contempt of congress charge.

Steve Bannon was indicted in November, while former White House chief of staff, Mark Meadows, case could still face charges.