Amazon Prime Day: Do's and don'ts according to experts

It's like Black Friday in July - Monday is Amazon Prime Day, the beginning of a three-day shopping craze that has spurred competing retailers to offer incredible deals.

But industry source warns shoppers to beware and offers some tips on how to make the most of the deals.


-Price compare. Many products you'll see won't be exclusive to that retailer, so do a quick comparison before clicking to checkout to make sure you're getting the best deal.

-Pay attention to return policies. You may find that some items will be marked "final sale." If you're 100% sure about your purchase, then proceed. If not, see if you can find the product from a retailer who's not imposing that limitation.

-Wait on certain items. Not all products will be at their lowest price during this sale. Shoppers should wait on outdoor items, school supplies and brand new electronics.

-Start your holiday shopping early. If you already have gifts in mind for loved ones at the holidays, you may be able to score deals this week that you won't be able to get in December.


-Pay for shipping. With so many stores competing for your dollars, most will offer free shipping. If a retailer is asking you to pay for shipping, look elsewhere to see if you can save.

-Buy what you don't need. You may be tempted by low prices but the best way to save if you don't really need the product is to not buy it at all.
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