'NHL '94 Rewind' brings back an all-time great sports video game

ByJeremy Willis via ESPN logo
Friday, October 2, 2020

The electronic music. The 16-bit hockey action. It's all back in "NHL '94 Rewind."

The original "NHL '94" was released for the Sega Genesis and since has become a cult classic with the utterly dominant Chicago Blackhawks and was featured in the movie "Swingers."

"I would say one out of three people I meet mention '94 Sega," former Blackhawks star Jeremy Roenick told NHL.com.

Well, the game is back. EA Sports is releasing a version of the game with the same graphics and game play as the 1994 game, but with updated, current rosters. The game will be part of a package for anyone who pre-orders "EA Sports NHL 21."

Remember, when playing, to stay humble. It's not so much you as it is Roenick.