Police: Text messages suggest Houston HS teacher had sex with student

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Thursday, June 30, 2016

HOUSTON -- A teacher in southeast Houston is wanted after a girl allegedly discovered some text messages on her boyfriend's phone which suggest he had sex with his male teacher.

Steven Amedeo, 39, is employed as a teacher at Milby High School.

According to court documents, Amedeo and the underage male student allegedly met last December outside of school grounds, picking the teen up at the end of the block where he lives.

Police say Amedeo and the teen ran errands before returning to the teacher's apartment, where the two kissed and then had sex in the man's bedroom.

Investigators say the victim's girlfriend discovered text messages between the teacher and his victim and reported what she knew to Milby's principal.

The alleged victim gave police a detailed drawing of the teacher's apartment, which investigators say matched the layout of Amadeo's place.

Amedeo now faces felony charges for sexual performance by a child.