Caught on video: 3 bears raid home after sneaking through doggy door

ByChristopher Khoo, Storyful
Tuesday, December 13, 2022
3 bears raid home after sneaking through doggy door: VIDEO
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Three bears snuck through the doggy door of a Nanaimo, BC home and helped themselves to snacks, surveillance camera footage shows.

NANAIMO, British Columbia -- A trio of bears entered a home in Nanaimo, British Columbia, by squeezing through a doggy door on Dec. 2.

Footage recorded on Michael Kellam's security camera shows the bears snooping around outside before they begin squeezing through a doggy door.

Kellam told Storyful that he and his wife were woken up by their dog barking in a manner they had never heard before. After the couple realized a bear was inside their home, Kellam said they both "made a quick retreat back into our bedroom and slammed the door."

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"It was only upon reviewing security footage that I realized we had three bears in the house," Kellam said. He told Storyful that while inside, the bears opened several kitchen cupboards and drawers, and that the animals consumed his dog food, granola, and fruit.

"The bears returned later that morning and again the next day," Kellam said. "They broke into our three cars, two at our neighbors, and two down the street."

"They have been caught by wildlife officials and removed from the area," Kellam added.