Uber helps drivers save money on gas by renting electric vehicles through Hertz partnership

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Thursday, August 4, 2022
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Some Uber drivers are saving a bundle on gas thanks to a new program in partnership with Hertz that allows them to rent electric vehicles like Teslas.

CHICAGO (WLS) -- Some Uber drivers are saving a bundle on gas thanks to a new program by the rideshare company.

Perry Krilis said he's saving thousands of dollars a month through the program, which allows drivers to rent electric vehicles. Krilis drives Uber full time to pay the bills, but the increased price at the pump put a damper on his income.

Now, he said, he's saving just under $1,000 a month driving a shiny new white Tesla as part of the rental program partnership between Uber and Hertz.

"It only takes 20 minutes to get to an 805 charge," he said. "Every night, and I'm done. It's time to decompress."

Krilis said the "superchargers" are easy to find, and he keeps track of the cost in a notepad. He said it averages $10 a night.

That's a low cost compared to gas, considering he drives an average of 150 miles a day. Krilis does pay $334 a week for the rental program, but that includes the car, all maintenance, Uber insurance while driving and city stickers.

He also chooses to pay for supplemental insurance, which allows him to drive the car when not working. Add it all up, and he said he's not only making a nice profit, but saving on gasoline.

"Drivers in the Chicago area have done 1.4 million all electric miles," said Adam Gromis, global head for sustainability policy for Uber.

Gromis said 15,000 drivers have been renting Teslas through the program nationwide, completing more than 5 million fully electric trips. Uber said Chicago drivers have already saved 50,000 gallons of gas.

"That's more than a quarter million [dollars] saved in gas just for the drivers participating in this in Chicago alone," he said.

For riders, this means your next Uber X ride could be in a Tesla. Teslas may also be available on the app if you select an Uber Green ride. But even if you get a Tesla or choose Uber Green, you'll still be charged an Uber fuel surcharge of about 50 cents, which the company said is an additional incentive for all drivers.