Mom nails ugly Christmas sweater contest with genius design

LYNCHBURG, Va. -- For her entry in an ugly Christmas sweater competition at her daughter's dance company, Megan Grimes pulled out all the stops.

In a video posted to Facebook on Dec. 12, lucky daughter Layla, who's eight years old, can be seen modeling her mom's genius creation, as Santa appears down the chimney with the pull of a cord.

Grimes told Storyful she loves to make costumes for her kids that "push the limits." That was certainly the case here after Layla said Santa "had to appear" on the sweater. A quick Google search found a miniature Santa that was perfect for the role, Grimes said. Layla "approved every step of the process," she added.

Video here is Layla's first time trying the sweater, as Jingle Bells plays, and Santa comes down the chimney. "I cannot believe it actually worked or came out as good as it did," Grimes, of Lynchburg, Virginia, said.
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