UPS hiring 3,000 seasonal workers in Chicago area as online shopping becomes a necessity

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Thursday, September 24, 2020
UPS hiring 3,000 workers in Chicago area
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If you're ready to work, UPS is hiring for thousands of positions in the Chicago area right now.

CHICAGO (WLS) -- If you're ready to work, UPS is hiring for thousands of positions in the Chicago area right now.

"I didn't think I was going to have a career at UPS. I came to UPS because I was looking to make a little bit of money and to work out," said Chelsea Allison.

Allison started at UPS as a part-time loader, moving boxes and loading trucks. Now she's a Vice President of Human Resources for the Central Plains responsible for 25,000 workers.

"We encourage advancement, we encourage growth. So people have the opportunity to grow with us," Allison said.

UPS is hiring 3,000 seasonal workers right now that could turn into a full time opportunity in the Chicago area. All you need to do is apply.

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"You just need to come with your positive attitude and energy and we have a job for almost anybody," Allison said. "Most of them are physical. Unless you're a manager, you're probably going to be loading trucks or delivering to a front door."

These hires are part of a trend across the entire industry.

According to CareerBuilder, the shipping and logistics industry has added 3,000 jobs in the Chicago area in the past four months during the pandemic and 135,000 jobs in Illinois during the same time.

The reason being, what was once the luxury of online shopping is becoming a necessity.

"With all of that online shopping, that means there has to be somebody that sorts the package, loads the package, puts them on the truck, those drivers have to (deliver) to consumers," said Vina Dang, CareerBuilder Transportation Logistics lead consultant.

Tom Ward started with UPS again as an essential worker in the middle of the pandemic and is back as part-time seasonal manager.

"I take pride in that. It means a lot that people depend on us for medicine and packages, whatever they need," Ward said.

There are benefits and tuition reimbursement available even for part-time workers. To apply, go to