J9's K9s Dog Training business goes virtual during COVID-19

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Friday, August 7, 2020
Pet training goes virtual during COVID-19
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J9's K9s Dog Training transitioned classes to online during the pandemic and business is booming.

LOS ANGELES -- Since the coronavirus pandemic started many resources have moved online, including dog training.

Janine Pierce, the owner of J9's K9s Dog Training, transitioned her dog trainers online during the pandemic and said business is booming.

"A number of different things that the pandemic has caused, have actually made us busier. A lot of dogs went 'Yay, they're home.' And then they were trying to get their work done and the dog was up in their business all the time," said Pierce. "So that was a struggle for some people, which brought us a lot of business, and there was just a massive outpouring of dogs being fostered and adopted."

Pierce and her trainers run virtual group and private classes via Zoom. People log on and a trainer addresses each dog and owner pair one by one to see where they're at with their training. Everything from tricks to obedience, agility and nose work is covered.

Isabella Corcillo had been training her dog, Cheyenne, at J9's K9s before the pandemic.

"It never really felt like there was a disruption in the classes and it was great to just have, not only the classes for Cheyenne like physical enrichment, but also just for me to be able to stay connected to you know to people during this time," said Corcillo.

Janine also said virtual pet training is great for dogs who are nervous or reactive around other dogs so they can focus on gaining skills without any distractions before they train to be better socialized. Another benefit, you can come to class in your pajamas.

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