Lake Michigan nearing All-Time Record High

CHICAGO (WLS) -- Lake Michigan is only 4 in. away from the all-time record level high.

The lake is 15" higher than it was last July. Many area beaches are much smaller this year because of the high water level and some of the barriers along the lakeshore are under water. This can pose a boating risk as we saw earlier this week with a deadly boating accident.

The latest observation of Lake Michigan water level is at 581.92 ft., which is only 1 in. away from the all-time highest July level on record. The highest July level ever recorded is 581.99 ft., set in October 1986.

The all-time record high level is 582.35 ft., reported in October 1986.

For comparison, the lowest level ever recorded for Lake Michigan is 576.02 ft., set in January 2013. This is nearly 6 feet lower than the current level.
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