Val, Ryan talk 2022 midterm elections, Bears vs Dolphins game, new movies

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Friday, November 4, 2022
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This week on Windy City Weekend, Ryan and Val start up the week with some Host Chat!

CHICAGO (WLS) -- This week on Windy City Weekend, Ryan and Val start up the week with some Host Chat!

"Reverse Catfishing":

Everyone always has to find the greatest profile pic ever on a dating site, otherwise, how else are you gonna swipe right? Well some people are challenging the norm, and posting their worst photo ever instead!

Two minutes of exercise a day can help you live longer:

Before tv streaming, did you ever do some jumping jacks during a commercial break to pass the time? Well, researchers in Australia have found that even just two minutes of exercise a day can have major health benefits.


It's election season and midterms are right around the corner. Democrats and Republicans are battling for control of the House and Senate. Illinois voters will decide on key Senate and House seats, a governor and more.

But, midterms historically have lower voter turnout when you compare them to presidential elections. We break down what casting a ballot truly means.

Illinois offers a number of ways to make sure your vote counts. From early voting to same-day registration, if you'd like to learn more about where and how, click here for more information.


Sadly, even the cuteness of last week's baby race couldn't "crawl" the Bear's to victory.

But keeping in the spirit of cuteness, Ryan visits some aquatic friends at the Shedd Aquarium to see how the Bears will fare against the Dolphins.

Tune in each Friday for a new prediction, and make your own list to see if you can beat Ryan's record this season!


"Causeway" - SPEND

Jennifer Lawrence stars in "Causeway" as a war veteran who has returned home and is coping with PTSD.

"Weird: The Al Yankovic Story" - SAVE

Daniel Radcliffe portrays the 'King of Parodies himself', Weird Al Yankovic, in the newest bipoc "Weird: The Al Yankovic Story."

"Blockbuster" - SAVE

Netflix's newest comedy sitcom, "Blockbuster", shows the daily antics of the people working at the last surviving Blockbuster store in America.

"God Forbid" - SPEND

"God Forbid" is a Hulu documentary about the sex scandal that took down famed evangelist, Jerry Falwell Jr.


Every day, millions of Americans help their parents, spouses and other loved ones remain at home where they want to be. Family caregivers help their older loved ones with medications and medical care, meals, bathing and dressing, chores and much more. Many do it all while also working full- or part-time. Some are on call 24/7, and often they can't even take a break.

AARP is fighting to support America's nearly 48 million family caregivers who help make it possible for older Americans and other loved ones to live independently at home-where they want to be.

AARP Illinois will be hosting Caminandos Juntos, Caregiving Conference, on Saturday, Nov. 5.

It's the fifth annual conference, but the only one of its kind in Chicago. It's special because it is offered IN Spanish (with English interpreters) to acknowledge the state's Hispanic/Latino community, many of whom don't even consider themselves "caregivers" because they think taking care of loved ones is just family life.

You can learn more about AARP's services by visiting

Caminando Juntos: Conferencia de Cuidadores

Apoyando a las familias en nuestra comunidad. Si usted cuida de un adulto mayor en su familia acompáñenos a una cumbre de cuidadores. Esta conferencia gratuita ofrecerá:

-Presentaciones de programas y servicios de apoyo;

-Paneles de discusión para cuidadores familiares; y

-Talleres de autocuidado Presentado por AARP Chicago y socios comunitarios: Centro Médico Alivio, Casa Central, Caridades Católicas de la Arquidiócesis de Chicago, Centro de la Enfermedad de Alzheimer de Rush y Sinaí Chicago.

-El evento será GRATUITO.

Fecha: 5 de noviembre de 2022 a las 9 am - 1 pm

Dirección: Benito Juarez Community Academy, 1450 W. Cermak Road Chicago, 60608

Estacionamiento: Entrada de estacionamiento en Loomis St.