6 "Hot" Songs We're Sick and Tired of Our Kids Singing

Enough is enough.
A quick glance at Billboard's Hot 100 chart is pretty groan-inducing since most of the list is comprised of songs that came out six or so months ago--and yet still considered "hot." They're all great songs, but they were unfortunately overplayed on the radio, television, in movie trailers, and sung out loud by teenagers just way too much. These tracks have gone on to clog up our Facebook and Twitter feeds to the point where we are absolutely sick of hearing them, and they need to stop. Share this list with your friends to convince them to stop sharing the hits we've already heard a million times over. Yes, we've heard them before.

6. Ylvis - "The Fox (What Does The Fox Say?)" - (3 weeks, peaked at #6)

We get it, the fox has nothing interesting to say. More novelty than a novel song, Ylvis' "The Fox" didn't last long on the charts, but its music video scored more than 420,000,000 YouTube views. Despite being a brief hit, "The Fox" went onto become the highest-ranked song by a Norwegian artist in the U.S. since A-ha's number-one hit, "Take on Me," in 1985. Not bad for a comedy duo.

5. Pharrell Williams - "Happy" - (24 weeks, peaked at #1)

The song managed to blend elements of old school funk and soul (such as that soothing falsetto) into a modern R&B track, creating a masterful, rare music gem. That is, until it was played about three times an hour for five straight months. Now, nobody is 'happy.' Before its release, Williams originally wrote the song for Cee-Lo Green, before his label decided against it at the last moment. Later, it was packaged by Universal to be the feature song on the Despicable Me 2 soundtrack, and its infectious cheer has been abusing us since.

4. John Legend - "All of Me" - (36 weeks, peaked at #1)

It's sweet to hear someone speak so kindly about their loved one, but after hearing it so much, we're about ready to barf. It took a while for "All of Me" to reach the top slot, but as it knocked "Happy" off from its 10-week #1 tenure, we shouldn't complain too much. Legend dedicated this song to his wife, Christine Teigen, who we're sure is also a bit sick of all the wonderful, loving praise we've heard from her husband by now.

3. Lorde - "Team" - (38 weeks, peaked at #6)

Even the most talented artists are lucky to get one hit single off of their debut album. This is Lorde's 3rd hit single from her only album to date, Purely Heroine, that just refuses to die. With a music video inspired by Lorde's dream of a world full of teenagers (ugh), the video once crashed Vevo's YouTube channel due to such a high volume of viewers. Sadly, the video is still online and being shared by a real world full of teenagers.

2. Katy Perry, Featuring Juicy J - "Dark Horse" - (39 weeks, peaked at #1)

Initially debuting as a digital download 'prize' for Perry's Twitter fans, "Dark Horse" was never meant to be a single. Just a promo piece for her then-upcoming album, Prism. When the song started receiving a significant amount of airtime after its release, it rose to its own horrific stardom, culminating in a single release and a music video. We're not sure what's to even like about an anti-catchy song about a vengeful and selfish person, who is said that she "eats your heart out like Jeffrey Dahmer," nor do we care. We just want it to stop.

1. Imagine Dragons - "Demons" - (60 weeks, peaked at #6)

We've all dated messed up people, and though those self-tortured, brooding types might have been mysteriously cool in high school, it's really not cute anymore. A follow up to their Billboard Hot 100 record-setting hit "Radioactive" (which lasted an excruciating 87 weeks), Imagine Dragons escaped being labeled a one-hit wonder and have since received numerous awards and attention for their obvious talent. We just want them to cool it for a while.

If you really do need help in finding more great music to share, just listen to Pandora radio, and see what comes up. Thank you.

What songs are you tired of hearing? Let us know in the comments below.

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