Brian Urlacher has hair!

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Former Chicago Bears star linebacker Brian Urlacher now has a full head of hair after spending more than a decade shaving his head (WLS)

Former Chicago Bears star linebacker Brian Urlacher has grown a full head of hair.

After a 13-year career with the Bears, most of which he spent completely bald, fans are surprised to see the former star linebacker walking around with a full head of hair. Urlacher says he went to an Oak Brook clinic that moved his hair follicles from the back of his head to the front to fill in the gaps.

Brian Urlacher on Windy City LIVE

Urlacher said he wasn't particularly interested in being bald since he was 22, but that his options were either shave his head, or have "two divots" in the front.

Urlacher said he also wasn't particularly interested in getting hair more than a decade later, but that a friend had the same procedure done, and he liked the results. Urlacher said they numbed his scalp and moved his hair one by one over about nine hours. He said his head was itchy afterward.

He said he's been keeping his hair under wraps in a hat for eight months. But one day, someone saw him in a drive-thru with his hat off.

"'Hey, you look like Brian Urlacher, but you look a lot younger than him,'" Urlacher recalls the girl at the window saying. "You get one person telling you you look younger, especially of the opposite sex, that's really all it takes."

Urlacher said he started seeing the new hair growth in four to five months.

"I feel like I see results faster than everybody else. It's like, when I get hurt I feel like I get better faster," he said. "I probably don't but I think I do."

Urlacher said he's still trying to figure out how to style around several cowlicks that he has, but ultimately the procedure only added about 4-5 minutes to his morning routine with the shampoo, conditioner, and combing.

"My kids like it for the most part. They tell me it doesn't look bad. Anytime your kids say, 'Dad, it doesn't look too bad,' that means it looks good," he said. "If they said it looked good I'd have an issue with it 'cause I know they're lying."

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