Home goes all-out with Valentine's Day yard decorations

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Virginia family goes all-out with yard decorations for Valentine's Day. (WLS)

Yard-decorating is typically reserved for Christmas or Halloween, but a family in Virginia goes all out with its yard on Valentine's Day, to their neighbors' delight.

With a name like Stephanie Loving, how could spreading love especially for Valentine's Day not be her mission?

"The second day after Christmas l start decorating for Valentine's. It's the day i look forward to the most," Loving says.

Loving's Glen Allen yard is filled four-foot hearts, flashing with sweet Valentine's wishes. It all started when she was a little kid.

"When i was a little kid, you know when we used to make the brown paper bags and decorate them and stick them under the chalkboard. Everybody would put their Valentine's inside of there. I just always loved and was so excited to get that brown paper bag to see what was inside it," she says.

People can't resist stopping by for a little smooch in the kissing booth.

"A lot people will leave coins in the kissing booth. There is like a little shelf. There were four coins there. One was a quarter and one was a nickel. Then one day i came home and one of my nickels was missing. I said somebody took my nickel instead of leaving me a nickel for their kiss," Loving says.

Stephanie says it's a labor of love for all to enjoy whether they leave a nickel or not.

"I absolutely love it," she says. "Every year i try to put something new out there for people to enjoy."

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