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Whether you're an A list celeb, or an ordinary woman dealing with hair loss, the latest trend to change the way you look and feel is to wear a wig. (WLS)

Whether you're an A list celeb, or an ordinary woman dealing with hair loss, the latest trend to change the way you look and feel is wigs.

Celebrity wig expert Amy Gibson shows us the latest trends in wigs, plus she's going to show us a wig that you can swim in AND give us some tips on how to pick and wear a wig so you too can rock the look!

Amy Gibson is an actress, hair loss expert and author of the book "Sex, Wigs, & Whispers: Love and Life with Hair Loss."

She has created her own line of wigs after years of struggling with hair loss.

She has a line of synthetic wigs for active wear - swimming, working out, etc. and a human hair line - all lightweight and easy to wear. Amy has even gone skydiving in one!!!

More on Amy and her book:

Amy Gibson Created Hair website:

Here are some tips from Amy if you wear a wig:

1. The Art of Hugging

There are many types of Hugs:
The good 'ole family hug is the kind where someone takes you in their arms and gives you a strong Bear Hold that you couldn't break free from to save your life. Generally, you'll find that this person is unaware that they're pulling your hair off, which in your case, might mean literally.

Then there's the OOOOOH hug - the one that goes on forever that you want to relax into... Instead, you cringe; scared this person is going to touch your hair. Or better yet - take your hair with you!

Relax - I know it's the last thing you're comfortable doing right now. But do it anyway, because the calmer you are in these moments the more success you will have.

In both these examples, if you find that someone is hugging you and they begin to sway - sway with them. If your hair is tangled in his arm - go with it, and gently offer with a smile.

"OOPS! You got my hair!" and laugh it off.
If they begin to rub your head lovingly or abruptly, try,

"Oh not my hair honey! I just got it done.'"

Men usually make a crack or two, in an attempt to be funny. The truth is that men get a little uncomfortable around hair issues, and just don't know what to say, so they laugh. Remember what I've said before; continue on as if nothing happened.

If you know you're going to be in the environment of several hugs, it helps to lightly braid your hair to one side. This lessons the chance of your hair getting caught in someone else's arm pit!

2. Walking Against The Wind

Something as simple as walking with your date can be stressful for the wig wearer if you're walking into the wind. This can force the front hair of the piece up and backward - thus exposing the edge of the piece.

When walking against a gust of wind, lower your head slightly and tuck your chin down a bit - but just a bit - the wind will push the top of your hair downward, instead of blowing directly into your face and lifting the bangs backwards. You can use this for walking on the beach, or whenever you may find yourself in a gust of unexpected wind.

Over time my piece has become part of me and with a little practice all these techniques worked better and better as I got more comfortable with the process.

3. Wearing a Headband:

This is always a great accessory to have with you in the car or your bag. In the past it has been a lifesaver against the wind.

A headband can come with bang hair put into the band. If they don't have bangs you can create the look yourself, if the headband is made in a way that will support you changing the look a bit. Some hair is sewn in an unchangeable direction. Here are a few ways to work with headbands with hair

1. You can put on a weft of hair that can be sewn on to the front of the headband underneath to create bangs.

2. If you want to wear most of the hair back;

After placing the headband on your head, pull all the hair back, and in the very front at the first row of hair, draw out a very small amount of hair and bring them forward to stick out in front offering a more authentic look. This is what we refer to as giving an illusion of Baby Hair.

3. You can also bring more hair forward to create a heavier bang.

4. If you have no hair and want to secure the headband, place a small piece of wig tape at the front and sides of the inside of the headband to adhere to the scalp. I suggest sewing a piece of thin polyurethane (available at or a small piece of silk material (1x1") to the inside of the headband where you will be placing the tape. This will easily grab on to the tape without stretching the material of headband.

1. If you do have some hair and choose to use the tape in places that you may shave or you may have no hair, it's most important that when removing the headband to be careful not catch any existing hair onto the tape and rip the hair.

4. Preparing For The "Unexpected"

You have two choices:

a. Roll up a small tightly fitted hat or headband, and place it in your bag. Whenever you feel comfortable, nonchalantly take out the hat and place it on your head. Most of the time, men have gotten a kick out of my being 'prepared' even though they never knew my secret.

b. Listen to your heart. If you're uncomfortable about this it's absolutely fine to gently ask him to put the top up. If he says "Oh, I was hoping to smell the fresh air," etc. Respond with - "Me too, but I just spent so much time making myself beautiful for you." They'll always put the top up!

However, if you do come across a date that is determined to have it down - then you continue to honor yourself and say, "I understand, however I prefer to have it up!" Stick to you guns! You'll feel more powerful and in control if you do. And ultimately, more comfortable and confident.

And remember ladies; MANY women with natural hair would say exactly what's I told you to say above.. This is less about your piece, and more about what makes you comfortable.

5. Two Sided Wig Tape
As discussed here is your swim tape to try. Aside from using it for swimming, this specialized tape can be used for all exercise as well as daily wear if you're looking for added security especially when dealing with perspiration.

Note: Do not try to peel off both sides and place on your finger first or it will curl up and be unusable. Its two sided so just peel off one side of the tape and place directly onto the cap.

Best places are at the temples, right and left side of nape and frontal hair line. This tape needs a clean scalp to adhere to. It does not adhere to hair very well and you'll end up tearing your hair out. Not recommended.

If you have hair loss but good side burns and can afford to shave a teeny weeny bit in the front of the side burn, frontal hairline, and/or nape, then cut tape in very thin strips 1/8" and use there as well.

For those of you with some hair or those of you who are not going to use your own bangs with the p.c., the frontal hair line is terrific to utilize with the tape. There is also an area where the hair line is naturally curved which is commonly referred to as the recession area. Just pull the wig forward slightly and adhere to this area.

Before placing the wig directly onto your head make sure you have lined it up correctly. Once you are sure of its positioning, press wig down onto your scalp and hold for 3 seconds. If you have to move it to a different position do it quickly and immediately press down again. You should be able to get 2 wears out of the normal wear. One day with 'wet' wear. You can also reactivate it with a small amount of alcohol.

When removing tape make sure to brush away hair that may have stuck to tape then quickly remove tape. If you don't remove the tape and keep adding more tape on top of it, your own body will cause tape to melt and it will be difficult to remove later on. If this happens you can go into any beautiful supply and ask for wig glue remover.

Dab a little remover onto a q-tip and rub the remainder of the tape off the wig. Tab with a clean dry cloth towel or paper towel and then reapply tape.

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