Long-time suburban resale shop to close

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The Kenneth Young Center Resale Shop will close its doors in June. (WLS)

A not-for-profit resale shop that has served thousands of people in the northwest suburbs for 34 years is closing - a victim of the state's budget impasse.

The Kenneth Young Center Resale Shop is now selling whatever merchandise they can, but the volunteers know that when it's gone, it's gone.

In June, the shop will permanently close.

"Because Illinois is the only state in the nation without a budget, decisions are being made where the most vulnerable people are suffering," said Susan Cowan, CEO of Kenneth Young.

The resale shop attracts about a hundred volunteers who support the center's mission of providing services to senior citizens and people with mental illness and related issues.

The shop provides work for some clients and bargains, which are donated, for customers. Proceeds help support the organization's efforts.

However, the shop has been operating with a small deficit and with state funding reduced by about half a million dollars, they can't afford to keep it open.

"They do so much good with their mental health programs and senior programs. They are such a good group for this community," said volunteer Anne Feichter.

Nevertheless, staff and volunteers said it's a sad situation.

Kenneth Young has a number staff psychologists who work with patients, and helping them is their core mission. If they don't close the resale shop, they might have to cut doctors.

"We need to focus all of our resources on serving the mentally ill and the seniors in our community," Cowan said.

State lawmakers have not been able to agree on a budget and the state has been operating without a budget since July, which has held up money for several programs.

In addition to closing the store, the center will have to cut funding for support for children with mental illnesses, as well as funding for some psychiatric drugs.

For more information about the resale shop, visit http://www.kennethyoung.org/resale-shop.asp.

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