Warm temperatures spark allergy suffering

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Allergy specialists suggest taking an antihistamine, closing windows and visiting a doctor, if needed. (WLS)

The sun is out, birds are chirping and the buds are blooming.

Many people are happy about the beautiful weekend and Monday temperatures that reached into the 80s.

As for allergy suffers, not so much.

And Scott Schwartz spent Monday sniffling.

"Rag weed, pollen, lots of different flowers," Scott Schwartz, an allergy suffering.

Schwartz is one of about 900,000 people in the Chicago area with massive allergy issues. This season could be worse than past years, experts said.

"You know runny nose, itchy throat, sneezing," Danny Chaimson, an allergy sufferer.

And it gets worse as the weather warms up.

"Spring is a bad time of the year for allergies for sure," Chaimson said.

Allergy specialist Dr. Joel Klein said he sees the most patients in April and May. And many of them, don't know that they are suffering from allergies.

"People have what they consider mild sneezing, mild itching, and they don't realize it's necessary due to a pollen or mold spore," Klein said.

Klein's Tips for Beating Allergies
- Try an over the counter antihistamine
- Close windows and avoid going outside on high pollen count days
- Visit a specialist or primary care physician who can prescribe stronger medication

For Schwartz, he has his own routine: "A nasal spray, morning and night, and a Zyrtec ever night seems to be helping so far."

The good news is that those with tree allergies are expected to be in the clear by the end of June. However, that is when grass pollen allergy season begins.

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