Waukegan boy, 11, delivers daily weather reports to his school

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Glen Flora Elementary School in Waukegan has a meteorologist on staff - fifth grader Nahkee Uribe. (WLS)

Here at ABC7, we have the First Alert Weather Team. And at Glen Flora Elementary School in Waukegan, they have a meteorologist on staff as well - fifth grader Nahkee Uribe.

"Good morning everyone. How is everyone doing? Today will be 55 degrees Fahrenheit with rain. And we might go outside, its a low chance," Uribe said.

Of course he's not an official meteorologist - not yet. But every morning he delivers his forecast to the entire school. And the kids listen and that is simply because Uribe knows his stuff.

"If the storm cluster is lower than about 40,000 feet, it's not really a bad storm," Uribe said.

ABC7's Frank Mathie asks: "You're only 11 years old, but you started weather when you were a little kid?"

"Yes, I have studied weather for about six or seven years now," Uribe explains.

He studies severe storms, like tornadoes.

"Now we go to the mother of all tornadoes, an EF-5. An EF-5 tornado is the biggest tornado of all tornadoes. It is the most destructive," Uribe said.

And in the classroom, the kids eat it up five days a week. He does this as a service to all the kids in the school and perhaps you're wondering, what does he want to be when he grows up?

"I want to be a meteorologist because I can tell people what the weather's gonna be and if we have severe storms, I can warn them and tell them to keep watch," Uribe said.

He's well on his way, and he has his inspirations.

Uribe: "Jerry Taft and Cheryl Scott."
Mathie: "Cheryl Scott. You like her?"
Uribe: "She's awesome. I don't have a crush on her ... But she's awesome."

By the way, Uribe says it will finally warm up at the end of May.

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