Evanston school security staffer fired after string of locker thefts

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Evanston Township High School students set up a hidden camera to nab the locker thieves. (WLS)

A security staff member at Evanston Township High School has been fired after the school board determined that person is guilty in a series of locker thefts.

Authorities in Evanston are zeroing on in a second safety department employee after both of them appear to have been caught red-handed as a camera was rolling.

"At first I was definitely taken back, just like everybody else was," said Alexandria Bolling, an ETHS student.

The video appearing to show someone stealing from the students' lockers. And not just any someone - students said the thieves were school staff safety officers.

"So that prompted me and a couple of other students to start filming and that's when we got two different safety officers snooping in our lockers," said Richard Bahmandeji, an ETHS student.

"This is someone who worked in the locker room who he actually personally went to the stolen money, actually a part of the whole scandal," said Kaylee Takagishi, an ETHS student.

A sophomore said money was swiped from his gym locker last week and that's when he and a few other students rigged their own surveillance.

"I just thought it was some kids who had my lock combination. I got a new lock and it was still happening," Bahmandeji said.

The action against at least one employee follows a letter sent to parents last week in which school officials stated they were taking the allegations seriously and that leaders understood the concerns of students and families.

Now, there is a new policy limiting staff access to master keys for student lockers at ETHS. Only the chair of the Physical Education department will have a master key, and there is a new policy requiring two witnesses present before any student locker is opened with that key.

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