Traffic Troubleshooter: Chicago Skyway toll gate problems

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ABC7 viewer Emily and her husband said they have had some trouble with the toll gates not working on the Chicago Skyway. (WLS)

This week's Traffic Troubleshooter question comes from Emily on Facebook.

She and her husband have had some trouble with the toll gates not working on the Chicago Skyway. They wanted to know who owns that toll road and who they should reach out to when they experience problems.

Here's the response from a Chicago Skyway official:

As we discussed, one of your viewers encountered a problem at a tollgate on the Chicago Skyway over the weekend. Here is what happened:

A couple of weeks ago, Skyway began the groundwork for rehabilitation of its Tolling System. Due to the heavy rain we had over the weekend, our LVDC (Laser Vehicle Detection and Classification) System experienced failures in four of our Eastbound lanes (3, 5, 8 and 9). Skyway's personnel responded with a re-calibration of these lanes. The LVDC system communicates with the tollgate that a car has passed through and another has entered. Skyway's IT hardware technicians were able to have lanes 8 and 9 functional by the end of the day on Friday and lanes 3 and 5 after the weekend.

The problem arose from the combination of the work underway at the Plaza and the bad weather that prolonged the work schedule. The Skyway is certain this incident will not happen again.

Motorists who want to report a problem are encouraged to press the Help button located on the pedestal at each toll lane. A live operator is expected to respond to that call immediately. For those who want to call in a problem by telephone, the number is 773-356-5555.

Skyway's customers are our priority. We are sincerely sorry this issue disrupted the ease of their travel on our road this past weekend. We will continue to strive to offer the best customer experience for our travelers.

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