Young inventors from Barrington 220 school district

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Elementary school students Kaitlyn Prokup and Jimmy Towler show off their inventions. (WLS)

Barrington 220 School District has a special program that encourages kids to bring their inventions to life.

Barrington 220 School District was the first in the nation to launch a high school level business incubator class in 2013. The class was so successful, the curriculum is now in 62 schools across nine states. Since its inception, six student-run companies have been funded with more than $100,000 in start-up costs awarded by the Barrington 220 Educational Foundation.
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High school students show off their unique inventions.

Since the high school course was so great, they developed an elementary equivalent, new this school year. Both the high school and elementary school curriculum were written by INCubatoredu, a local non-profit company.

We brought 4 teams to WCL to show us what they've come up with. First up are:

Kaitlyn Prokup has invented the "Doggone The Go" travel setup for your pet. She has 2 dogs and wanted to come up with a way to easily travel with her pets. The suitcase has one side which houses all the pets needs, food, dishes, leashes, etc. The other side houses a popup dog crate with a dog bed.

Jimmy Towler invented "The Sockinator" to help the elderly or people with limited mobility, to be able to put on their socks all by themselves. He got some heavy gage wire and created a brace that the sock can go over - and then the person can easily put their foot in, and slide out the brace.

The high school kids invented:

The team that invented "Llama Lanyards" had the idea of using a power charging cord as a lanyard, so you always had it with you, and it could be useful as well.

The team that invented the "Chaireaze" wanted to tackle the problem of getting those folding chairs that you take to games, back into their duffle bag. It's never easy to get them back in, so they invented a sling which wraps around the chair and fastens with a strap so you can sling it over your shoulder.

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