Transgender bathroom ordinance debated by City Council committee

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They debated whether the wording of an ordinance should be revised. (WLS)

City Council's Committee on Human Relations took up the issue of transgender people and public restrooms Wednesday morning.

They debated whether the wording of an ordinance should be revised so anyone can walk into any restroom regardless of the sign on the door.

"This is a matter of human dignity and human rights," said Kim Hunt, president of the nonprofit Pride Action Tank. "We know Chicago was among the first to include gender identity in its human rights ordinance, when they amended it in 2002."

Hunt said because Chicago has been on the forefront of transgender rights, equal access to public bathrooms is a logical next stop.

Her support echoes President Barack Obama, who last month said all public school students should have the right to choose the restroom they feel aligns with their gender. That announcement received pushback from states, like Texas.

I am working with the governor of North Carolina, and we are going to fight back," said Texas Governor Greg Abbott.

If a committee passes the revised ordinance, it will go to City Council for a vote. Supporters hope all bathrooms will be open to all people by the end of the month.
Director of National Intelligence James Clapper is also now supporting the movement.

"In the intelligence community you can use whatever restroom you feel comfortable in," he said.

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