Gov. Rauner criticizes Democrats after canceled session

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Governor Rauner criticizing Illinois Democrats lead by House Speaker Michael Madigan. (WLS)

Gov. Bruce Rauner criticized Illinois Democrats lead by House Speaker Michael Madigan after Wednesday's canceled session as the state moves into its second year without a budget.

The Republican governor could not understand why lawmakers would not be at the Capitol with public schools and most government services at risk.

Rauner said he did not create the crisis. He also said Madigan is trying to worsen the budget crisis by delaying votes on an emergency education funding bill and a separate stopgap measure to pay for essential services.

"He doesn't want to take votes," Rauner said. "He just wants to have the working groups slow walk."

But State Representative Will Davis, a Democrat, said his budget working group met Wednesday in Chicago, working as fast as possible.

He said he wouldn't dare call this "slow walking."

"What we're doing is the important work of the state of Illinois for the people of Illinois," he said.

Republican lawmakers joined the governor asking why, during the crisis, Madigan canceled Wednesday's scheduled house session at the Capitol.

"There is no good reason why we're not in session. There is no good reason," State Representative Ron Sandack said.

Senate President John Cullerton says the governor should let the bi-partisan working groups do their job.

"We now are in those negotiations while he's having distracting news conferences with wild rhetoric," he said.

In a statement, Madigan said, "...Governor Rauner continues his campaign-style tour, laden with personal attacks against those with whom he says he wants to work cooperatively."

Tuesday, former Republican Gov. Jim Edgar indirectly criticized Rauner for calling Madigan and Cullerton "corrupt."

"If you just call somebody stupid or a crook it's going to be a little hard the next day when you need them as allies to get them as allies," he said.

"Anybody who wants to criticize me for criticizing corruption, go for it," Rauner said. "We have a corrupt government and conflict of interest in our government. That's a fact."

Last week, Madigan promised his chamber would meet every Wednesday during the summer.

There is still no word on the schedule for next Wednesday.

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