Senator Dick Durbin calls for action on gun control

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Senator Dick Durbin calls for action on gun control. (WLS)

Senator Dick Durbin called for congressional action on gun control following the Orlando massacre and the ongoing violence on Chicago's streets.

Durbin was one of six Democrats who staged a 15-hour filibuster on the Senate floor to force lawmakers to consider gun control measures. The Senate will vote on several proposals next week.

The gun debate made its way to Lake Barrington Friday where both sides hashed it out in front of a gun manufacturer company.

"There is absolutely no place in a civilized society for AR15's," a protestor said.

NRA supporters made their continued argument that people kill people, not guns. Gun control advocates, including Patrick Korellis, hope Orlando will finally be the turning point for common sense gun laws. Korellis was shot twice in the Northern Illinois shooting eight years ago.

"Every time a mass shooting happens it re-opens the wounds," Korellis said.

The Orlando massacre pushed Korellis to become more vocal. He stood with Durbin Friday in support of gun control bills that senate Democrats are voting on next week. One bill includes background checks for buying guns on the internet and gun shows.

"Forty percent of the crime guns confiscated in the high-crime areas of Chicago are purchased at gun shows at Northern Indiana, brought across the border sold to the gang bangers in this city," Durbin said.

Durbin also supported legislation that will prevent suspected terrorists from purchasing a gun. But many Republicans argue it's not fair to deny someone from buying a gun if they are on the list by mistake. They're proposing a 72 hour waiting period, which Durbin says may not be enough time.

"Which side should we air on? Do we air on the side of saying the suspected terrorists should buy a firearm and then we'll check it out? Or do we check it out and then decide whether or not they're entitled to a firearm?" Durbin said.

For Korellis, the laws being considered on both sides of the aisle don't go far enough. He would like to see a ban on assault weapons.

"While an assault weapon wasn't used in NIU, I believe if it was, I wouldn't be here today," he said.

While Durbin also supports reinstating an assault weapons ban, it's not being proposed in the round of bills Democrats are bringing to the Senate next week. Despite the support of the majority of Americans, Durbin says he doubts the Democratic proposals will pass.

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