4-year-old burned by slow cooker while playing hide-and-seek

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An innocent game of hide-and-seek turned tragic when a young girl from Crystal Lake was badly burned by a crock pot. (WLS)

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An innocent game of hide-and-seek turned tragic when a young girl from Crystal Lake was badly burned by a crock pot. The child had to undergo surgery.

The Maggio family wants everyone to learn from an accident that happened in a relative's kitchen. They are not placing blame. They just want to raise awareness and share what happened to their young daughter.

"She is pretty inspiring," Dina Maggio, the girl's mother, said. "The first week was rough, but she has overcome so many obstacles."

Four-year-old Giuliana Maggio has spent 12 days in the hospital after a family gathering downstate. Giuliana was playing in the kitchen when the incident happened.

"We were all just having a good time, laughing, catching up and all of a sudden we heard a big crash," Matt Maggio, the girl's father, said. "She caught the crock pot cord and all the hot liquid had come off and scalded her back and parts of both of her legs."

"Ripped off all her clothes and got her into the shower and started pouring cold water on her," Giuliana's mother said.

Her father said he held her hand, told her to concentrate and that everything was going to be alright.

And it has been, she's being treated at Loyola University's Burn Center for second degree burns.

"I think the most important thing is to be cognizant of where these hot liquids are or anything hot in the kitchen. We see this very commonly with pediatric scald burn injuries," Dr. Anthony Baldea, at Loyola's Burn Unit, said.

And that's why the Maggio's wanted to share this story.

"With something like this, it can happen with a blink of any eye," Giuliana's father said.

Giuliana is improving. Her parents say they can tell she's getting better because her fiery personality is coming out.

The little girl is eager to see her little brother and eat one of her favorite meals, which is Chick-fil-A.

The incident is a reminder to make sure all cords on fryers, slow cookers or any kitchen appliance, are out of reach.

The doctor hopes Giuliana can go home to McHenry County this weekend.
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