franklyHANK: SNL, Oprah & DWTS

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franklyHANK: SNL, Oprah & DWTS (WLS)

First off, congrats to Chicago native Alex Moffat, who just joined the cast of "Saturday Night LIVE." The Second City alum makes his debut on the Oct. 1 premiere. Break a leg!
Turns out not everything Oprah touches is gold. The former talk show host has lost $117 million since taking a 10 percent ownership stake in the weight-loss company.

Investors had hoped Oprah's involvement would boost stock prices. It did for a while, but now reaction is leveling off. Oprah does sit on the board, however, Weight Watchers announced Monday that it would get a new CEO.

ABC's "Dancing With The Stars" kicked off its new season last night.

The biggest drama of the night was from anti-Ryan Lochte protesters who disrupted the show, forcing a commercial break.

THE BEST: Obviously Olympic gymnast Laurie Hernandez. Not so obviously, race car driver James Hinchcliffe. WOW! Such an amazing job he did.
THE WORST: Former Texas Governor Rick Perry. He'll be kicked off week one for sure.

I was also impressed with little person reality star Tara Jolie. She kicked big butt! Good for her. Love an underdog.

I expected Amber Rose to have more rhythm, but it could have been nerves.

And I was shocked to hear that Maureen McCormick, TV's Marcia Brady, is 60-years-old! That makes me really old.

Click here to read more about Monday night's "Dancing With The Stars."

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