Attempted robbery at Bucktown sueprmarket stopped by employees

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Two attempts to rob a Bucktown grocery store in the last four weeks at gunpoint have been stopped by store employees. (WLS)

Two men attempted to rob a grocery store in Chicago's Bucktown neighborhood only to be foiled by a store employee.

Employees said around closing time two would-be robbers marched into Fresh Market Place in the 2100-block of North Western Avenue, pulled a gun and demanded cash. One employee was unfazed.

"Facundo wanted to protect the girls. There was a gun pointed at him, he didn't care," said Paul Marina, employee.

Facundo is seen on surveillance video charging the robbers and chasing them out of the store. Other employees soon followed, chasing the suspects outside and tackling one before the other robber hit a worker with a gun. Then the employees noticed something vital.

"We noticed the guns weren't real, so everyone starting chasing the guy. We captured him, but the other guy got away," said Ulises Solis, employee.

"We have each other's backs, and that's the main thing," said Danny Drossos, general manager of Fresh Market Place.

This was not the first time the store was robbed. Three weeks ago, manager George Lazarou was on duty when he said two similar-looking men pulled the same stunt. Lazarous also chased off the robbers in that incident.

"After I see his were was trembling, so I realize he was more afraid than me," Lazarou said. "I saw the gun but I didn't give a car. All I want is for them to get out of my store."

The weapons used in the robbery attempt were apparently BB guns. Police took the one suspect the employees caught into custody; the other suspect is still at large.

Fresh Market Place's manager also said he reminded his employees that no amount of money is worth putting themselves in danger for.
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