Mayor's Office: Tasteful building scarred by tasteless Trump sign

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Many Chicagoans aren't taking to the new Trump Tower sign, but the Donald is reminding people what was there before. (WLS)

The TRUMP sign on the 96th floor of the Trump Tower, located along the Chicago Riverwalk, isn't even finished- and already people are calling for change.

TRUMP - in all caps - is now part of the Chicago skyline, and some people -including the mayor- aren't thrilled with the aesthetics.

As it's gone up, letter by letter, the 20-foot by 141-foot sign on the 96th floor of the Trump Tower has drawn criticism. And that's without the planned LED lights.

"Mayor Emanuel believes this is an architecturally tasteful building scarred by an architecturally tasteless sign. The sign - which was already reduced in size and scope - does comply with the provisions of the planned development ordinance and the City Council sign order, but he has asked his staff to determine if there are any options available for further changes," said Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel's spokesperson Kelley Quinn.

The Chicago City Council approved the sign in October of 2013. The architect behind the Trump Tower wonders why.

"I think it hurts the image of the building and is done in poor taste. It also hurts the image of Chicago. How could the city officials that must approve these signs let this happen?" architect Adrian Smith said.

Trump fired back on Twitter: "Before I bought the site, the Sun-Times had the biggest, ugliest sign Chicago has ever seen. Mine is magnificent and popular."

Last week, Curbed Chicago editor A.J. LaTrace said "tacky" kept popping up in the reviews he's heard.

"So we have this architecturally significant building in Chicago, and basically it is going to have what some people refer to as a 'tramp stamp,'" LaTrace said.
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