VIDEO: Monkey smuggled on flight in shirt gets loose

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Video shows the monkey passing through security, but the airline is upset TSA didn't notify them. (KTRK)

A video shows TSA allowing a monkey with its handler to continue through security on Tuesday night.

The handler was about to board a Frontier Airlines flight to Las Vegas, but a representative with the airline said no one alerted them to the animal.

At some point into the three-hour flight, an attendant spotted the monkey's head popping out of the passenger's shirt.

Frontier said the attendant asked for the paperwork indicating the monkey was a therapy or service animal, but its owner refused. The airline then called police to meet them at the Las Vegas gate.

That's when they say the owner gave digital proof of the monkey's service status.

Police say no crime was committed so no charges were filed.

Frontier still says the passenger smuggled the animal on-board, which violates policy. WSYX reports that they're now evaluating whether they will allow the passenger on-board another Frontier flight.
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