BEAR FIGHT! Black bears duke it out in epic brawl in New Jersey neighborhood

Two bears were caught exchanging blows in an epic fight in Rockaway, New Jersey. (Robert F. Bukaty / AP)

Are you ready to rumbbbllllleeee?!?!

In a recently uploaded YouTube video, one user captured two black bears duking it out in Rockaway, New Jersey. According to the New York Post, the person filming the video was a passing motorist who stayed in their car as the brawl unfurled on August 14.

The battle of the bruin endures for nearly five minutes, with neither furry contender willing to throw down his claws. No one knows what sparked the fight between the two bears, but seeing how determined these animals are to hold down their fort, it must have been something serious. Check out the video above to see which bear gets to sit on the throne of the animal fight club kingdom.
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