New mural meant to promote peace amid Chicago gun violence

ByYukare Nakayama WLS logo
Wednesday, August 4, 2021
Peace sign mural promote messages of anti-gun violence
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Artist Kyle Holbrook finished his latest peace sign mural in Chicago. He said he's murals promote messages of anti-gun violence and peace.

CHICAGO (WLS) -- As gun violence is one of the biggest issues America is facing today, one artist wants to promote peace with his public art.

Kyle Holbrook, an international artist, has displayed his peace sign murals in various cities across the nation. His latest one was finished in Chicago on Sunday.

"These murals are important because of the ongoing violence in our communities throughout the United States. Obviously, unfortunately, some areas like Chicago has been an epidemic. It happens so often that people have become desensitized. I myself have lost several friends, and most of my friends growing up, to gun violence," said Holbrook.

Holbrook's latest piece is on Milwaukee Avenue in the Logan Square neighborhood. The artist said he completed the mural in just an hour. He hopes the public can see his work in all 50 states.

"My board has been selecting key areas in each city ... that have (been) experiencing some gun violence," he said.

Holbrook is not only advocating for peace -- he also supports reforms to gun laws across the country. He said he hopes those who have lost a loved one to gun violence feel seen and heard.